VIRTUAL LEARNING We appreciate your love and support as we transitioned into this virtual learning environment. Please remember to make sure your child logs into Canvas. Our goal is for every scholar to be able to log on to their live instruction classes. We understand that there may be technical difficulties and want to make sure your scholar does not get frustrated. If there are any challenges logging on please have your scholar message their teacher directly the day of the tech issue. This will make sure they do not fall behind or get marked absent. Please note that most teachers lock their class after 5 minutes.
behind or get marked absent. Please note that most teachers lock their class after 5 minutes.

For help navigating Canvas as a Parent or for other resources visit the Vista Institute for Parents
For scholar assistance in Canvas, please see our Canvas and Tech Help Page

We understand that times are difficult and we want to make sure you know that your RMMS Family is here for you. If you need support with food, clothing, household items, counseling or other resources, please click below to cill out our form.
This form is available for both scholars or parents/guardians to fill out.
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PLEASE NOTE: The Liaison may not have the capacity to meet any and all needs, but will do their best to connect you to resources and organizations that could help.
Rancho Minerva Community Liaison:
Lucia Rodriguez-V 
760-631-4500 ext 64095

Register by June 2


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The following are new outdoor FREE activities that will be facilitated in May (fliers are attached):

Link to May Mission Fed Cafecitos (May 12 and May 20, 2021) – Spanish only

Link to May  21, 2021 Family Game Night - English

Link to May  21, 2021 Family Game Night - Spanish

Other important Events/links:

Link to Incredible Years Parenting Flier- Spanish only (still open for enrollment):

Link to Out and About Flier (free paddle boarding, kayaking, indoor sky diving indoor climbing, and to come golfing, horseback riding):

These Resources are available to All families/youth in North County.

Please visit the City of Vista website for more updates and community events/ resources!
COVID-19 City News and Updates | City of Vista, CA
Click above to visit city web page

Check your scholar has this!

If you would like to contact the Transportation Department please call 760-726-2170 EXT. 92802


- California Avenue @ 202 - (North side of California Ave)

- Luz Duran Park- 901 North Citrus Avenue in front of park

- Citrus @ Apollo  (North West Corner)

- Primrose @ Palmyra (South East Corner of Primrose @ Transit Stop)
wednesday food distrabution